29 - 31 January, 2019 | London, UK

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Surface Warships Global Market Report 2016-17

Just over 1,000 (1,022) Surface Warships larger than OPVs are currently included in the world’s naval fleets. These are operated by 63 countries... This report details all known programmes and requirements for surface warsh ...

Global Market Report 2018

While global naval budgets are increasingly constrained, the current threat context is forcing allies to re-assess their capabilities and to look into their future procurement.In this exclusive free report, more than 500 respondents shared their priorities in terms of ...

Insight: Naval Combat Systems

As a special theme, the Surface Warships conference will this year include a Focus Day specific to the subject of naval combat systems, providing in-depth analysis on how the modernisation and development of advanced solutions is further increasing the capa ...

Interoperability by design: The future of naval fleet collaboration?

Communication and data sharing are a vital element of successful combined operations and C2 structures across all allied systems must be interoperable and compatible in order to achieve true interoperability.Ahead of Surface Warships 2018, we had the opportunity to discuss with 

Naval training and simulation: Adapting to a new threat environment

The current threat context requires navies from across the globe to find and use the right training tools to enable their fleet to achieve overall readiness at all times. Technology is to have a huge impact on the training landscape, but the real challenge now is to use it in the right con ...

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Despite "serious consequences," France must get out of Mistral deal with Russia

The Mistral-class helicopter carriers built in France and destined for Russia in a $1.5 billion deal must not be handed over to Moscow. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said the French must be “creative” in wriggling out of their commitment to provide Russia with the two state-of-the-art warships...

Royal Navy warship in Caribbean drugs bust

The Royal Navy's HMS Argyll has dealt another blow to drug smugglers after seizing more than 850 kg of cocaine in a high speed midnight chase...

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Surface Warships - Sample Delegate List

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The Importance of Rapidly Updating and Modernising a Warship's Capability as New Threats Emerge

"In the age of high cost and shrinking budgets, sometimes the best choice is to modernise, not replace," said the U.S. Navy’s Captain James Dick, Program Manager at International Fleet Support and Ship Transfer. In this interview, Captain Dick offers his insight into the future role of warships, with a...

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